CG Society FX Wars Entry - Queen of the Rocket Men

This is my final version. Right now I'm really sick and tired of the project, but still there are soo many issues I wanted to fix before uploading, but hey...everyone has got the same deadline right :)

I'm least proud of the connections between the shots, the seam between them, the flow, is really weak and
I am somewhat not proud the cheesy sound either :)

So where is the queen of the rocket (wo)men? Since my character modelling and rigging skills are soo poor, I decided to go for pure visual FX and cold hard vehicles. Soo the only connection to this fantasy world is the huge zepeliner hangar.

What I am proud of though is the individual shots by themselves, I think I managed to get some decent looking images, from what time computer resources I have. The Attacker aircraft is the first model I've ever painted and textured on my own, somewhat proud over that one too.

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