Dr Daniel C. Batchelor
Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic of Roswell Georgia
270 South Atlanta st
Roswell GA 3075
Open 7 Days

Dr Daniel C. Batchelor is a Roswell Georgia Doctor of Chiropractic who has effectively treated over 11,000 patients over the last 30 years. His youngest patient was 4 days old and his oldest was a youthful 103 years old.

Whether your body needs a simple tune up as a result of a pinched nerve or a complete overhaul as a result of a herniated disc, foot problem, knee injury, shoulder injury or any other other musculo-skeletal condition, let the doctor who "practices what he preaches", show you how to get better faster.

If you have been injured at home, in an auto accident or on the job, Dr. Batchelor will know exactly what to do to help you get back in action ASAP.

The Batchelor Chiropractic Clinic in Roswell was created just for you. Our private and comfortable treatment rooms are "State of the Art". We provide new painless, drugless, non-surgical therapies that are designed to reduce your pain without the use of pain killers, anti-inflammatory agents or muscle relaxants. Our patients get better faster using this "state of the art" approach.

Dr Dan Batchelor is the winner of over 350 endurance races. Be the best you can, let Atlanta's top doctor/athlete show you how to get better, faster. Insurance welcome.

24 Hour phone. 770-992-2002



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