Life has been hectic in the society in recent years. After the economic downfall one starts wondering what is really meaningful in life. Caring for one self, spending time with attention and a deep sense of importance intensifies the experience of wellbeing.
The bathroom will become a laboratory. In this laboratory one transforms components like liquids, minerals, emulsifiers and powders into body care products, performing a quest for the ultimate treasure of wellbeing.
An exploratory way of making one’s own body care products. Substances will react with each other. These reactions will give new super-sensory experiences: growing crystals that scrub the skin, slippery matter that massages the feet, titillating tonic that nourishes the nails or drifting mist that cleans the face.
One will be an alchemist.
'The Alchemist' is a trend forecast, a short film for the wellness industry with a new approach to body care and beauty treatments.

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