This is my second reflection video for the Summative project.


This week went pretty well. I filmed and edited the first promo video out of many. I filmed the Mythology class on Monday and Tuesday. They were acting out scenes from certain mythology stories. There were three plays I filmed altogether. Unfortunately, I was only able to use 2 of the groups’ footage in the promo video, because one student in the last group did not want to be part of the video. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video, and I added effects by using Adobe After Effects. I also worked on the main promotional video, by adding sound Effects and background music to the introduction of the video. Even though I wanted to complete at least 2 – 3 promotional videos every week, I realized that completing the Mythology video took a while, so I have to take this project with a different approach. I am planning to work on this project over the break, so I will be able to keep up with my schedule.

Project Goals That Were Met:

No Project goals have been met just yet. I will probably have these goals met by the last week or so.

Weekly Goals That Were Met:

My weekly goals for this week were;
Complete the motion graphic for the main promotional video.
Finish plotting down specific footage and images I need for the promotional videos.
I was able to complete both goals. Now, I’m just focusing on completing the individual promotional videos, and working on the main promo video. I already completed one out of many, so I guess I might have to take a different approach into completing this project.

Can You Complete This Project?

I feel that we are going to be able to complete this project by the due date (January 22nd). Some obstacles that we may face though, are that since we have a lot of posters and videos to create, it may take a while to complete, and will take a lot of work. So we have to make sure we finish a certain amount of the work per week, so we don’t procrastinate and leave everything last minute.

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