The day was a beautiful one as it started at Rancho Park for photos with Sophia’s loving family. Jan Birch was the photographer and has a special way with families and children as everyone was all smiles! It was especially evident that Sophia is very close to her grandparents who were so very proud of her the entire day.
Sophia started studying younger than the average child six months prior to the special day…at the age of only 11. She’s smart and ahead of her years, so no wonder she read through her torah portion at her Bat Mitzvah Service perfectly at Temple Isaiah in Los Angeles. Afterwards, Sophia hopped on a party bus with all of her friends and continued the celebration in style at the beautiful and luxurious Casa del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica.
At age 12, Sophia is not only smart and fun but more thoughtful than the average girl turned young woman. What a sweet surprise to see her grab the mic to announce “I love my parents with all my heart and thought that tonight won’t be just about me but I wanted to also give something to them,” as she dedicated a special song titled “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri to her parents who came out and danced together. Sophia danced with her younger brother and her father while her mother was wiping her tears from her face throughout the beautiful song. Soon after, other families began to come out and dance together in clusters and I was in tears too as I filmed it behind the camera. It’s not very often that happens but I was so moved by the music and love in that room! It was touching to see how close she was to her family and friends and such an honor to have been able to document her special day for her to cherish the memories always.
Mazol Tov Sophia!

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