IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The musical composition, the used score and the visuals (see below) are in the public domain.
I own the copyright of the recording material.
No other entity may legally claim any copyright on this material.
Since I publish this recording under CC-BY SA myself anyone is invited to use it under proper licensing terms under my copyright.

The most well-known piece by Scott Joplin and one of the most played piano pieces ever. Fabulously fun to play. Required quite a lot of work for me to get into the right "mood and swing". Chose a rather moderate tempo (around 104 BPM) but this is a fast rag and should not be played much slower than this IMHO.

Played and recorded by August Linnman 2011-12-08
Yamaha GT 2 + Pianoteq 3.6

Picture: Cartoon of a man playing Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag" (1913). Public domain.
Used score: Sedalia: John Stark & Son, 1899. First edition. Public domain.

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