-When I met Fatima and Diego for the first time back in April, we sat down for a coffee and I was amazed to realize that actually I’d already met Diego many years ago from my childhood. You see, we both rode on the same school bus as kids, although at the time vaguely did we know each other. So there we were, at the coffee shop, sharing some childhood memories, talking for hours about how the two of them met and how they’ve been together for such a long time, and how they decided to take this leap forward in their relationship.

When Diego proposed to Fatima, all their family and friends were involved and happier than ever about the news. They had been waiting for what seemed like forever for this moment.

It was obvious for me that their story closely involved their friends and closest family members, and I knew this incredible lovely couple would have a very intimate, detailed and fun Wedding day.

We met a few more times and every time was a great conversation. So as you can imagine, when the big day arrived, we knew so much about the two of them that we knew exactly how to tell their most special day shared with the ones they love!

To Fatima, Diego, all family and great friends, enjoy the video and lasting memory!

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