27 million American women suffer with migraines when a cure is available!

Author of the forthcoming book, Stop the Headache, A CURE for the leading cause of recurring headaches and chronic pain, Dr. Richard Seymour reveals the cause of migraines and tension headaches lies right under your nose… literally. He explains that everything in the mouth is supplied by the trigeminal nerve system (TNS)—which has been known to cause migraines and reoccurring headaches for over a century.

The TNS surrounds the brain and affects all five senses as well as balance. It also dictates head posture and the curvature of the upper spine. When aggravated by misaligned teeth and dislocated or grating jaw joints, the TNS triggers a cascade of painful symptoms. Proper treatment by well-trained dentists can relieve these symptoms—including migraines, tension headaches, back pain, neck pain, sleep loss, chronic fatigue, and depression.

Dr. Seymour’s online survey and his book’s self-exam prove most patients have never been properly examined to see if this critical nerve system could be the cause of their suffering. This disturbing lack of care means that chronic pain patients—75% of whom are women—suffer needlessly.

Dr. Seymour, a dentist based in Milwaukee, Wis., heads the Chronic Pain Solution Center and says, “In my 38-years of practice, we’ve had close to a 90% success rate of curing migraines and chronic pain without surgery or drugs.” Unfortunately, many doctors don’t know how to treat the cause, but prescribe strong pain medication to mask or reduce the symptoms. In addition, physicians are permitted by a faulty “healthcare” system not to examine patients for the cause and refuse to refer patients to trained dental practitioners who can eliminate the pain and save relationships, families and lives. The result: Millions of women and their families suffer in a prison of pain for profit.

Additionally, health insurance companies won’t cover dental treatment, even when the treatment is for a major medical problem. Patients who can’t afford to pay out of their own pockets must either face a lifetime of pain or go into more medical debt.

Most elderly people have missing, broken down and crooked teeth placing them at risk of permanently dislocated or arthritic jaw joints. The author of the forthcoming book, Stop the Headache, explains that damaged or dislocated jaw joints exert pressure on the trigeminal nerve system (TNS)—a nerve that surrounds the brain and affects all five senses plus balance. Additionally, missing and crooked teeth can cause forward head posture and curvature of the spine that increases the stress on every weight bearing joint leading to a never-ending merry-go-round of pain, drugs and surgeries on the neck, back, hip, knee...

In Stop the Headache, Dr. Richard Seymour explains how people can examine and refer themselves to dentists who are specially trained to restore balance to the skeleton of the head and improve posture. The good news is that trained dentists can often eliminate chronic headaches, muscle and joint pain, and vertigo—without drugs or surgery. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Seymour is the head of the Chronic Pain Solution Center. During his 38-years of practice he says, “We’ve been able to eliminate years of chronic pain and vertigo even for patients in there 70s and 80s by restoring precise balance in the mouth.”

Unfortunately, in today’s faulty heath care system, physicians are permitted to refer back and forth within their clinics, prescribe more drugs, specialists and surgeries without examining the mouth. Because so many doctors simply refuse to look for or diagnose pain associated with the mouth, jaw and TNS, millions of elderly people suffer needlessly in a prison of pain while “health care” systems and pharmaceutical companies earn massive profits.

Dr. Seymour says it will take a four-pronged approach to change the current system:
1. Encourage all chronic pain sufferers to become activists and insist on insurance coverage for dental diagnostic methods and treatment without drugs or surgery. Note: Women control 80–90% of the financial decisions for healthcare of families. That equates to approximately $2.4 trillion. Women have the power to change this broken system!
2. Train more dentists to be specialists, to use computer technology to locate the cause of head and jaw pain and cure it, initially, with a splint.
3. Show insurance companies that curing chronic pain is far more cost-effective to them than coverage for many years of pain medication and surgery.
4. Expand the network of dentists worldwide specializing in effectively curing chronic head pain.

Join the movement to stop the pain for profit epidemic. Tell us your story:

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