CInema4D + X-Particles

Caching a simulated geometry in Cinema4D is a pain since there is no plugin that offer to cache geometry with large scale destruction objects. It means when you have partitioned your geometry in various number of Voroni diagram and you end up with pretty large amount of polygons then you are not really able to move your cursor and view port is dead 98%. To handle this phenomena there is only option you can do manually. Select your simulation pieces and export them to an Alembic cache and then re import it to your scene using merge objects. The issue you will face using this is texture and material. to solve this you need to select your overall pieces and connect them to a single object, Using this technique you will get an automatic generated texture coordinates. Now apply pose morph tag to that geometry. Select Alambic cache as your morph target. By applying this technique you will have your view port back working again almost with 30 FPS. Caching dynamic simulation using mograph tag was useless.
If you know any better way to handle large scale simulations please write in the comments. I will really appreciate

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