Auto Advanced N-Facial Rig is an amazing script for rigging any character faces automatically.Just one click…

Usable for any version of 3DS MAX.
advanced N-Facial Rig Features:
Create advanced Facial Rig with one click
Simple and flexible controllers
User-friendly and comfortable, while the complexity
Precise control for lip and cheek modes
Head Squash & Head stretch with adjustable compression volume
High Performance
Advanced N- Facial Rig Toolkit Features :
Synchronized for Facial and Body Rig
Save & Load Poses for each group and total Rig
Save & Load Animation for each group and total Rig
Practical Features such as Mirror Select,Reset,Key and …
UI Maker Features :
Create a completely personalized and customized UI,Adjustabl during animation.
Grouping controllers to manage a group,Like Pose Manager.
Consistent with Advanced ToolKit
Use simple and fluent
Save & Load Preset Ability
and …

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