I shot this video in 2010 with two of my classmates, Dylan Gordon and Adam Caira, as an assignment for a documentary class. I couldn't have imagined what this video would mean to me three years later. On Dec. 4th, 2013 Jimmy Lipovsky Jr., the man featured in this vignette, and someone who I had come to know and love dearly, died of a sudden and extreme asthma attack. He was 35 years old and soon to be married. Jimmy was a dear friend to many, a staple in countless people's lives. His passing devastated our community. I was able to show this video at his life celebration in Ventura where over three hundred people attended, including his five sisters, brother and parents who all flew in from the east coast.

Jimmy always used to encourage my passion and love for telling stories. He would say "you just need to make cool shit about cool people man, just all kinds of little vignettes of your friends and weird people you meet."

I found it painfully ironic to show this at his life celebration. But it reminded me of the power motion picture has to bring people to life. I think only a handful of people had seen this prior to his death. Playing it in that room full of his loved ones was like having him there with us again. You could feel the weight of his presence in the room. It was beautiful, healing and heartbreaking.

Special thanks to Dylan Gordon and Adam Caira
Jimmy, you were a Salty Saint my friend. You will never be forgotten.

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