With 24 people in a hot tub, watching on 2 monitor TVs, inside, connected to my Video Recorder, Gina challenges Jessie to do a strip-tease dance, to entertain the guests at our Halloween Party at Oasis Hot Tubs in Tucson AZ. The libations and 'other substances' of the eighties, flowed freely, and left everyone in a mood of free spirit and fun! The result is most erotic, sensual and stimulating, with a beautiful naked pirate and a luscious, sexy, nude vampire, dancing sensuously together, for your viewing pleasure!

First I must apologize for the low quality video. Aside from the fact that it was dubbed from a now 33-year old VHS tape, and the video technology of the time was 100 times less than today's digital magic, my own 'high-end' video camera was back to the Mfr for warranty repairs and the 'loaner' I got while waiting, was a toy, compared to mine, so it was low quality 33 years ago! I was able to 'correct' many of the issues using digital editors, but alas, 'you cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear', as it is said! So WYSIWYG is the keyword here!

That aside, the subject matter, and the sensuality and eroticism of these two beauties, quickly removes any issues the viewer may have with the quality of the video product. I also have a short that I assembled from this video, called 'Gina & Jessie- Oasis Erotica (Short)' if you would prefer the non- strip-tease version.
Either way, you can enjoy the erotic moves of the always sensual Gina, and the very sexy Jessica!

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As with all my videos, downloads, embeds and collections are disabled. If you have a site or collection you would like to add this video to, please contact me and I will review your site or collection to see if i feel it is appropriate. This is NOT pornography. It is an erotic and sensual dance. Please 'LIKE' it if you watch it and do, and commenting is always welcome! Thanks

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