A Trinity Creatives Production

Baby Jesus Lucy Bauer
Wise "Homeless" Man Mike Thomas
Wise "Buisiness" Man Josh Carter
Wise "Young" Man Mark Leubecker
Virgin Mary Lizzie Lozier
Narrator Emma Thomas
Secretary Abigail Lozier
A Angel Coryn Thomas
Sister Ashley Tompakov

Producer Ashley Tompakov
Trinity Church

Director Ashley Tompakov

Director of
Photography Taylor Dukehart

Editor Ashley Tompakov

First Assistant
To The Director Abigail Lozier

Second Assistant
To The Director Lizzie Lozier

Production Manager Abigail Lozier

Production Designer Abigail Lozier

Wardrobe Abigail Lozier

Key Make-Up Artist Abigail Lozier

Production Designer Lizzie Lozier

Production Assistant Lizzie Lozier

Director of Photography
For Behind The Scenes Lizzie Lozier

Music "Rocking Lullabye" Percy Dearmer for the Oxford Book of Carols


Special Thanks To:
Amy Bauer
Trinity Church facebook.com/trinitymd
Pastor Steve Hartland
Mary Beth Lehner

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