Ready to feel like an '80s kid at Christmas? Then please enjoy this righteously rad reel of Christmas commercials from 1980s Prime Time TV! These babies were recorded from a direct cable broadcast, then converted and uploaded to standard 720p HD resolution. For this reason, their quality exceeds 99% of similar material available online. If you would buy hours of these nostalgic treasures at their unbeatable quality on DVD ($19.99) or as a digital download ($9.99), let me know - there's SO much more where this came from! Thank you and Merry Christmas 2013!! =)

To order or inquire, please contact: - The ultimate '80s nostalgia cartoon about Special Needs!
Tourette Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, etc.

Recorded by: "Gamma" Sue Ferrante (R.I.P.)
Archived & Edited by: Chance Raspberry
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