Ajack is one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”.
During the onset of the civil war, his father thought he was delivering Ajack to school, in Ethiopia. At the age of 10, Ajack traveled with thousands of other young boys, for three months without adequate food, water, shoes or safety, dodging the dangers of wild animals, hostile tribes, and intense desert heat. On their arrival, those who had survived discovered they were delivered into the hands of the rebels, the older ones recruited as child soldiers. After the communist government in Ethiopia collapsed, thousands of boys who were still left, began the journey to a refugee camp in Sudan near the Ugandan border, and later a refugee camp in Kenya, called “Kakuma”, notorious for malnutrition and violence.

Through an NGO Ajack was able to go to school in Nairobi, and later selected to study abroad in his area of choice, through a program called “WUSC”. He chose International Relations in hopes of being able to one day improve the conditions in the refugee camp back in Kenya.
He has a young wife, recently married on a visit back to the camp, 2 years later finally arriving in Canada with their 2 year old daughter whom Ajack had never seen.

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