“In an increasingly deskilled society, ‘making’ can be viewed as a form of political resistance.”
Richard Sennett // Stephen Hayward

Some economists continue predicting a ‘recovery’, others point to the end of growth, as we know it. Austerity is a political condition justified by scarcity and it is normally seen as lack or limitation of resources, but is scarcity really a limitation or is more a matter of perception and context? Yes, if we don’t question the “human needs as unlimited” and keep the discussion in the “limited means to satisfy human needs”, this is the belief that promotes all the anomalies of our consumer culture.
But if one sees scarcity as an opportunity, one can ask, “what if instead off adding one redistributes what is there already?”
Central Saint Martins “front parlour” has been designed as an alternative to how creativity under conditions of scarcity can be viewed in the current political and financial reality.

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