LawBite ( is a UK Law firm offering commercial contracts and legal services for small companies (SMEs) via its online platform.

More specifically, LawBite has a growing library of plain English commercial documents which customers can edit, share and complete with secure e-signing though our bespoke platform and legal tools. The platform also enables our customers to receive all of these benefits for non‐LawBite documents which they can upload too.

This video series takes you to the heart of the LawBite platform by showing you how to to edit, share, check, e-sign and store your documents all from the same easy to use web page. Just follow the instructions and animated guidance and you'll be editing and sharing with your contract partners in no time!

Get unlimited access to the entire LawBite library of documents for just £99/yr: All you need to keep your company safe and sound.

If you need any further help, just call us on 0207 148 1066.

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