Many thanks for choosing to watch this video and also for reading this jargon.

This week I am talking about what I have been doing physically and mentally this past seven days. Its been quite a good one actually.

You may have spotted that I have started sporting facial hair again, even though it makes me look even more foolish than usual. I have decided that ethically it is better for the world for me not to shave. Shaving requires the use of water, a heat source, some kind of shaving aid (soap/foam/cream) and a razor of some description. This means using all manner of our planets valuable resources. Not to mention money and way more time and pain than I can be bothered to endure.

The basic outcome of this will be a dafter looking JoSh which is a price I am willing to pay in the name of the environment!

Many, many thank-you's…

JoSh. X

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