Captive, an animation company based in Lisbon, approached us to create the soundtrack to an animated feature to accompany Pocko's exhibition of customised russian Matryoshka dolls beginning in Magma bookstores in London as part of the London Design Festival.

Two of our composers worked collaboratively to produce the quirky treatment. The original brief was for a chic piece, with a slight feel of comedy and intrigue. The idea was for the work to play out like a little film with the soundtrack almost acting as dialogue and reacting to the animation.

Oli Durant, Creative Director at Captive says: 'We had quite a concise stylistic direction for the music, however it was one which we didn't really think could be realised without full-blown live orchestration or weeks of work. So we were amazed with the outcome, it really took the brief beyond our expectations.'

Project: Pocko/Magma '2 Russia With Love'
Agency: Captive, Lisbon

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