'Our Journey was a kind of fable, a nuthouse opera written by dreamers, by stargazers, by minstrels.'
The Big Blue chronicles a 63 year old Canadian writer's 53 day, 3000 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean.

Buy the film: shebafilms.com or at the Scan Deli in Thunder Bay on Bay Street. Coming soon to Vimeo on Demand

'At 63 years of age ... I had no business being there …most of the others were half my age, twice my size, twice my strength... I had begged my way aboard as a writer… the guy who would tell the story.'

The odyssey was intimately captured by young rower Dylan White with narration drawn from 'Little Ship of Fools', Charlie's book based on the journey of the 16 member Roc Expedition crew, the largest assembled on the Atlantic since the days of the Norse longboats. Their skipper, Paralympian Angela Madsen, who had rowed both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. FInd out how to buy the book at charleswilkins.ca

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