I am labeling this incident as deliberate.I will state why in the last video of events for this driver.
The law is explicit for incidents like this. Most drivers are of the impression that just because they have a turn signal on it means back out of it and let me over. This is false.
The Law:
A vehicle that is being passed must maintain a constant and steady speed and may not increase speed on a passing vehicle.
This is exactly what this member did. This is only one of 4 incidents for this driver in less than one hour.
This driver was playing with this member thinking it was all a joke. His company has been notified.
During the video as he is passing you will notice that at one point he matches the speed the member was doing and just hung out there to test the waters.
We are well aware that this company's trucks are capable of a speed of 70 miles per hour as this member paced this truck for 5 seconds in Kentucky on I24.

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