Sean and Zach are proud residents of the City of Naperville.

- Naperville was once considered the "happiest" town in Illinois.
- This could be the reverse sequel to "twenty-first century", which took place at the University of Chicago Community Radio Party.
- Three separate Starbucks coffee shops actually inhabit the same Naperville city-block. They are all within twenty feet of each other, much like garbage cans.
- During the winter season, the decorations are either Pagan images of Father Christmas, a red-tinted Manger Scene, or a crooked Menorah (sometimes all-of-the-above).
- To my knowledge, Naperville has had a prostitution ring posing as a daycare, a bathtub murder in a downtown mansion, and a homeless guy with an ipad. He has mysteriously disappeared.
- There was an End-Of-Times Man. He has also mysteriously vanished ever since the creation of this documentary. I often wonder what became of him.
- Naperville is often referred to by its affectionate nickname: The Powdered Chancre Sore of the Midwest.
- Oh-my-god-please-get-me-out-of-here-i-am-going-to-die-of-boredom-and-terminal-inertia.

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