BoA Achievements MoP WoW. Done with all your daily quests for the day? Looking for an alternative activity to do? Well, you can join me as I camp for Malik's Stalwart Spear in the Dread Wastes. Since I'm just sitting here in-game, it's as good a time as any to make a Rare Item Guide for all the "artifacts" you can find around the continent of Pandaria. The ultimate goal is to collect twenty of these rare items in order to obtain the title "The Relic Hunter."
You may find some useful items around Pandaria that are Battle.net account bound. They're generally really powerful for their level requirement (i.e. Item Level 450, Required Level: 86), so they'll make great additions to your alternative characters' equipment when you decide to level them.

As of this post, there are four associated achievements Lost and Found, Finders Keepers, One Man's trash... and Is Another Man's Treasure. Aside from a few exceptions, only the Rare quality items count toward the achievement tracker. Fortunately, there are roughly ~28 known items that count toward the achievement, giving you some wiggle room. (As far as I know, looting multiple instances of rare items you've already looted won't add more toward the achievement, but I could be mistaken.)
I've organized the items (the ones that count toward the achievements) by zone. To reference any listed coordinates, you may wish to download the Wowhead Client which will add a set of coordinates to bottom-left corner of your Map whenever you open it. It will display your character's current coordinates, as well as the coordinates of where your mouse is hovering over. NPCscan is also a great addition to your rare-item hunting arsenal, as you can add five custom NPC entries that will alert you to their nearby presence.

BoA Achievements MoP WoW Guides!!

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