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On the 24th of December 2013 at 4 pm a truck transporting a number of large stuffed farm animals and a Sound System emitting their voices departed from a suburb area in the city of Grosseto and made a 3 hours long journey through the main downtown and residential districts.
This vehicle, which we rented from a local businessman, is usually utilized to move live animals from place to place, often towards their final destination: the slaughterhouse.

The town of Grosseto has not got its own "state of the art " abbattoir facility ( only the small ICAM plant that were closed down a couple of years ago it has now re-opened it seems), but will very soon as the local authorities together with some private investors planned and began to build a more modern one which we expect to become amongst the busiest in our province.
As activists for Animal Liberation we know too well how such places represent more than anything else ( and have had for over 200 years now ) the attitude of detachment and the cruelty with which it is exercised, the practicing of the diseased anthropocentric ideology that appears to govern human civilization in its every aspects and relation , in particular and as far as the technological, systematical, institutional manner of exploiting and killing the animals by the food industry is concerned.

These animals being born by the millions every year only to become dead meat for human consumption are denied any space to exist even in our imagery, their very individuality erased by the conditions they are forced to live, their cries ignored by the omnivore masses.
That’s why on the 24th of December our group reminded to the local population their direct responsibility as consumers for the continuation of the Animal Holocaust, more precisely, its the animal voices that manged to attract their attention otherwise directed to other matters given the period of the year we are in.

That against the Animals is a true war.
The ( otherwise silent ) victims of this perpetual conflict need our help so to make their voices heard, their rights taken into account.

The journey of the truck terminated in a street in town named Via della Pace ( Peace Road ) which got selected for the evocative name it bears. In the course of this long parade activists made themselves available to discuss the wider issues of Speciesism with the concerned individuals that cared to approach us in order do so.

For info contact Paolo ++39 3281544997 or visit Associazione D’Idee’s web resource

Music : "Donkey Rhubarb" by APHEX TWIN

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