Dear all our fantastic 331 backers…
Thank You SO much for believing in us!!!!
The kickstarter campaign is over, and we didn't reach the goal of the 75.000$ that is the minimum budget for making a 45 minutes film with its 30.000 drawings like "We Got Lost on the Other Side of Wilderness"…
BUT HEY… We don't see it as a failure, we see it as a great succes! You - our dear backers - believed so much in us, that you donated 37.725$ which is half of the budget. That means if You still want to donate the money WE CAN PRODUCE THE FIRST HALF OF THE FILM!
So here is what we do:
 On we created a PayPal donate botton, 
we allready checked it and it works perfectly.

If You still wants to BE A BACKER You do like this:
1) Click the DONATE BOTTON
2) Write the amount of money You would back if the kickstarter succeeded
3) Log in to Your paypal account or create one if You don't have
4) In the "add special instructions to the seller" field, You copy-paste Your PLEDGE like for instance:
Pledge $50 or more
77 backers
with a personal greeting + FULL DIGITAL PACKAGE
Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
As We want to start using our working time on producing the film ASAP, we will ask You to do this before
MONDAY JANUARY 6th 2014 23:59
Then we do like this: For every 2000$ on the Paypall account we can produce 1 minute of film, and when the money is used, WE INVITE YOU and ONLY YOU BACKERS to an EXCLUSIVE SCREENING IN A CINEMA IN COPENHAGEN (or with login / code if You live far away) to see this first part of the film!
So now we ask You: ARE YOU STILL IN?????
A very Merry Christmas to all of You, and see You on the Other Side of Wilderness!
Lots of Love Sune & Sara

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