Casey Reas spoke at "see conference 2006". The conference on "visualization of information", organized by digital creative agency Scholz & Volkmer, is dedicated to new approaches that are being developed in the fields of design, art, architecture, new technologies and economy to confront today's complexity and to transform the immense flood of information into useable knowledge. We annually invite speakers - a broad mix of approaches, ways of thinking, industries and cultures – to present their most recent ideas on how to deal with the current flood of information, on how to visualize it and turn it into something that can be experienced.

The American artist Casey Reas is considered a pioneer in the development of aesthetic software. Firstly, he presented his programming language 'Processing', which he developed in collaboration with Ben Fry and Doug Bennett. And, with his latest work, he demonstrated a way to create impressive art from algorithms and dynamic software. Reas' approach is a very experimental one, he is working with dynamic software that independently reacts to changes in its environment, and with systems that are neither programmed nor predictable, but only react to interferences of the user. Casey Reas a professor in the department of Design Media Arts at UCLA and one of the founding professors of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

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