We hiked around the area a bit at the Glacier but this is just the GoPro vids. I'm trying to pump these out as fast as possible so production and incorporation will suffer.
Also, the GoPro is great but like any other camera, when you have the top half of the frame very bright and the bottom half very dark, neither get exposed well. It isn't really as dark as it appears- you can see in one part when I raise the camera up and look down a bit, it gets brighter.
Go here to see all the stills from the trip: studio808.smugmug.com/Travel/Patagonia-Dec-2013/36098701_Fjtcxw
This trip was taken with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT).
If you are thinking about a trip with OAT {or Grand Circle Cruises (GCC)} mention this number, 001930873E, and get at least $100 off your first trip!

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