"I've spent hours contemplating the words to say to you,
but no combination of twenty six different letters
could ever accurately capture even a silver of what this feeling is."

Happy Birthday, Jared! ♡

Since it's hard to put something, which doesn't have a name yet, into words, I can't tell you, what exactly I feel when it comes to you. Because when someone has a huge impact on someone's life, it's hard to describe how it actually feels. But I promise you, that every single, positive feeling you can imagine is just a small part of the feelings, I feel, when I listen to your music, watching interviews, attending concerts or meeting you. Ever since you became my light, my biggest fear is the dark and when I come to think about how my life would be, if it wasn't for you, if I never met you, I see a whole lot of darkness and fear. And that's terrifying.
And ever since I declared you as my sanctuary, the only place in the entire world I can escape from everything, I never felt that homeless before, when I'm not able to listen to your music at all. But I carry you guys in my heart. And I will. Because you are my family and you're the reson that I am who I am and who I want to be.

You made me feel the best ever. You created the best version of me ever. You helped me. You helped me to kind of like myself. Not fully, but more than before. I know that you're with me, I know that I still can get better. You gave me so much and I always wish I could give you everything back.

And after all the words, all my thoughts I've written down, I'm still unable to put my feelings and real thoughts into words. No text, no matter how long, could capture what I feel.

But someone once asked me: "If you could keep only one memory in life, what would it be?" — And my answer on the mentioned question was short, honest and I swear to god, it was the right one:

You guys.

Anyway, so many emotions: I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday (and merry christma(r)s of course). All the best for the upcoming future, you're a very very beautiful human being and you really deserve to be happy, so I'm sitting here with crossed fingers.
Thanks for everything you gave us and I hope I could give you something back by editing this tiny video. Feel hugged and thank you so much.
For everything, you kinky dork Xo

All the best,
— Melina XX

⸗ Music: Coming Home, Part II by Skylar Grey // Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this movie, I just edited it.
— Credits to their owners —

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