Yvonne Clark
Senior Thesis Proposal
Fall 2013
My thesis will focus on the topic of beauty and will highlight the role advertisement plays in portraying it. My thesis will also explore and analyze how both men and women respond to the aggressive and influential push and pull of the explicit, intentionally propaganda-drenched advertisement of our modern culture. There are many things that frustrate and sadden me about media and the role it plays in shaping our societal views, especially as it correlates to the treatment of women; It is from this very deep and rich well that the majority of my inspiration has been drawn. It angers me to see tens of billions of dollars spent on advertisements, with the sole intent of brainwashing women into believing that their beauty is not actually beautiful at all. Advertisements that suggest "this cosmetic, that diet or these brands are just what you
NEED in order to transform your "ugly self", into a new, shinier, pretty one." There is a never ending cycle of self-defeating, unrealistic and overall harmful influence being poured into our psyche. Media solicits fantasies of perfect women that are impossible to be actualized. Yet
similar to the addict, women kill themselves fighting to achieve a high as substantial as a cloud of smoke! The more women reach for this deadly mirage, the faster it vanishes, leaving women more empty and desperate to attain the unattainable than before. There is a major issue that
self-worth, beauty and importance are defined by big business. Both young girls, as well as older women and young boys, as well as older men are being consumed by insecurity, self-pity and dissatisfaction. People are becoming less and less pleased with who they are. I plan to
make much noise about this subject. My desire is for people to be freed from the abuse, degradation and slavery of media.

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