Cedric Schüpbach
August 29, 1998 - November 23, 2013

I had the pleasure of surfing with Cedric this year. All he wanted to do was see Hawaii and Bodyboard. By chance my fiance met the family since they are from the same country Switzerland it was easy to communicate and see what they wanted to do in Hawaii. I jumped at the opportunity to teach Cedric on how to bodyboard. Even though it was only an hour I saw so much life in him. He was already talking about graduating high school and moving to Hawaii because it was so beautiful. He spent the rest of the trip bodyboarding, he canceled all other plans just so he could surf all day. I gave him one of my bodyboards and just like that he was off to Switzerland.

I kept in touch with him from time to time, he would ask me about gopro's and how the weather was in Hawaii. I had NO idea on his condition because I never saw that side of him. However the very morning that I captured this sunrise is the day he left this earth. With out us knowing it was exactly the same time the mother emailed my fiance. Her with out a fancy phone we did not read the news until our whole day was over. We saw the sunrise on the east and sunset in the same day. I have never done a adventure that long with my fiance until that day and through out the day when we were thinking about going home, something in the back of our minds was saying no keep driving. I have a feeling Cedric was along for the ride. Rest In Peace my friend.



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