3 min still image video with voiceover, 2009.


Let me tell you about why walking city streets is the most rewarding activity.

I get up at seven every morning and immediately feel restless. To deal with this, I take walks in my neighbourhood, in Pilsen, Chicago. I love looking at the shop signs and commercial signs I pass in the streets. I try to lower my brain activity as much as I can while walking, try to concentrate on nothing but the soon-to-come act of looking at a sign, and then look at them. I throw a slow gaze at a sign and linger on whatever association comes up. To maintain the ability of having low brain activity and rapid reactions at the same time, I always watch TV while I work.

Too bad there are no signs in front of my eyes right now. The happy thing is some sign will surely appear very soon. This is the same as how the music video channel on my tv is only one push on the button away. Liking this is fortunate; it is a sure fire way to stay easy and feel good. It’s like a good drug; free, available and entertaining.

My thoughts push me to think about life as I pass the third Open-sign in a few minutes.

I always am looking for new mottos for life. Everytime I come across one my life expands and gets more fragmented and better. Ultimately my goal is to become a blank sheet that is open to all kinds of things and still have a nose for quality. Why? Because I will never miss anything. A friend of mine who understands this mental drifting gave me a motto that sums it all up neatly: be open to everything. Every view, every opinion and every little thing. Every sign could be a sign. That way I will think about everything I come across, for better and for worse.

At every corner I turn, I see different kinds of grocery store signs, Open signs, Exit signs and telecommunication signs - to mention a few favourites. It is truly satisfactory to see minor variations of the same thing and I feel strong and happy in the morning sun.

Back home in the street I see a sign I can´t really place. I go in to a shop that I pass to inquire more about it. The woman at the counter informs me that this sign hides a club called The fourth big and cheerful reform that makes our lives easier, and she passes me a free ticket.

Narrator: Lia Gangitano
Sound editing: Are Mokkelbost

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