"A Thousand Deaths" Bogna Burska, excerpt 11′11″ of 109′, found footage video (footage from 20 feature films) 2010/2011
The movie relates – in 6 installments – the story of Elisabeth I Tudor, queen of England, known as the Virgin Queen. The narration is built up of fragments of feature movies inspired by the life of the queen and her relatives. It is also a personal tale – a manifold portrait of a woman, who had crossed the boundaries set by culture and its discourses, who can be with no doubt called one of the most interesting personalities of last millennium.
The project raises questions about the current condition and coherence of the legend and tries to find the answer to why so many remakes have been made. It also hopelessly looks for the real person hidden behind the many masks and gestures given to her by actresses and film directors.

consultant Michał Januszaniec

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