"When darkness falls on me, your light is all I see." Whales are fantastic creatures and we have to be their light when they fade away in the darkness of persecution. We have to be their voices and speak out against their ruthless slaughtering. We have to be their protectors and support them wholeheartedly in their fight for survival.

The music and lyrics of "Fading like a Flower" was written by Louise du Toit. Performance and recording by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2010. The copyrights to the music and lyrics are reserved by the artist. Video created and produced by Louise du Toit. The images in this video are not the property of the producer. This video was made as a contribution to the salvation of whales, for nonprofit educational purposes, without any intention of commercial advantage or private financial gain. There is no intention of copyright infringement either.

Louise du Toit - CD Albums @ cdbaby.com/Artist/LouiseduToit
Louise du Toit - Official Website @ louisedutoit.com

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