Hosting a New Year's Eve party? Spice it up with Auld Lang Syne -- Duck Dynasty style. Play this video on your big screen TV. Lyrics are captioned in the video so your friends can sing along! Happy New Year!

Duck Dynasty insanity
unholy profanity
separating humanity
in the name of Christianity

For old lang syne, my dear,
for old lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for the days of old lang syne.

Should fairytales be forgot,
and reason brought to mind?
Will bearded old men stop preachin,
and leave their fears behind?


Tonight we celebrate our friends,
under the great rainbow
We’ll tip a pint to civil rights,
and the end of old Jim Crow

Lyrics by JKL 2014. CC Attribution -- Share Alike
Duck Dynasty Insanity: Auld Lang Syne New Year's Eve Party Song

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