Part 4 of a video mixtape of Smash TV favorites. Our intent is simply to showcase some of the artists that have influenced us over the years. All credit goes to the original artists below, this is just an attempt to share great work. If you are one of the artists included and do not want your work featured here, please let us know and we will take the video down.

Zach Galifianakis - You Bring Me Joy

The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count from "Sesame Street"

Earth, Wind & Fire - Dance, Dance, Dance from "Rock and Rule"

Mellany Brown - Hot Dogs and Sushi from "Rock and Rule"

The Animation Workshop - Space Stallions

Lazerhawk - So Far Away

Gatekeeper & Thunderhorse Video - Oracle

SlurpTV - Snail Gate

Chrome Sparks - Send The Pain On

Cannibal Troll - Videoscape Part 2

Mordant Music - Misinformation

Broadcast And The Focus Group - The Be Colony

VHS Head - The Murder Cycles/Franco Zoom To Nowhere

Thomas de Rijk - Superduper

Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest Transmission

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