The result is not worth watching really. As can be seen, the trees in the foreground meant it was impossible for After Effect's Warp Stabilizer to stabilize the footage. Moreover the sun shining right into the lens blew the image entirely. Anyhow, the main goal of this test was to check interval setting & shutter time settings as each frame was shot in HDR and i wanted to know how this pans out timing wise.

- Canon EOS 5D mark iii
- Canon EF 24-70mm / F2.8 II @ 70mm.
- Vello Shutterboss wired Intervalometer.
- Manfrotto tripod

- HDR's edited with a demo version of SNS HDR Pro (unlicensed version = watermark) to 16 bit TIFF files.
- TIFF sequence imported in After Effects for Warp Stabilizer effect.
- Very basic color grading in After Effects as the image was blown up by the sun anyways.

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