A brand-new short film by John Salisbury and Louis Holder.

As the night approaches, so does he. Sunset takes place in a rural setting with the locations being a burned down horse stables, a forest enveloped with tall trees and a clearing.

John Salisbury is an independent filmmaker from Cambridge who has a taste for films of the horror genre and for films which manipulate the emotions of the audience, his favourite film is "Alien" by Ridley Scott (who also happens to be his favourite director). He also collaborates with his school friends on numerous film projects and is currently in the process of shooting a feature-length film.
Louis Holder is also a independent filmmaker, living and studying in London. He enjoys a wide variety of films and has a keen interest in the comedy-drama genre hybrid, ones which convey strong messages but also are visually representative of the narrative being conveyed, his favourite film is "The Royal Tenenbaums" by Wes Anderson (who also happens to be his favourite director too!). He runs an independent school media organisation and is studying for a qualification in Cinematography at the BFI Film Academy.

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