This short documentary film comes at a grim moment in Sudan as state-sponsored war crimes, crimes against humanity and violent oppression spread rapidly across the country. But even with the dark clouds of war and forced starvation once again intensifying across the periphery regions of Sudan, the people are pushing back and demanding true peace, liberty and justice. And as globally-minded citizens from around the world take notice of renewed government atrocities in Sudan, they are now responding themselves in extraordinary ways.

Contact and petition your Representative in Congress, asking them to cosponsor important Sudan legislation:

Become a fundraiser for emergency relief efforts in the Nuba Mountains:­campaign/e10289

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Director: Mark Hackett
Lead Editor and Visual Effects: Witt Allen
Writers: Mark Hackett. Witt Allen, and Stephen Hackett
Camera Crew: Mark Hackett, Witt Allen, John Jefferson, and Tomo Kriznar
Action Section Activist: Jennifer Amido
Special thanks: Our partners in the End Nuba Genocide Coalition, our countless Sudanese friends, and our supporters who made this film possible.

Some media in this film belongs to the End Nuba Genocide Coalition, of which Operation Broken Silence is a member organization, and was taken by John Jefferson. Learn more at

Additional footage was graciously donated by Tomo Kriznar. Learn more about Tomo and his work here:

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan, international human rights organization with a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status, Operation Broken Silence neither supports nor opposes any political party or any candidate for public office, and Operation Broken Silence does not seek to influence elections.

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