2009 has been an awesome year in the Motorsport community. With events like H20, Drew's Run Rally, The Midnight Run, L4P Track Attack, Victory Brewery Rally, Bimmerworks 12 Hour enduro and more. This is a collection of favorite shots, and edits from all these events and more. All of these events are being covered exclusively on the new DVD "GODSPEED". The DVD will be releasing early spring of 2010. We are aiming for March 31st, but don't hold me to that yet.

With my first Demo Reel posted last year I figured it would be good to do one every year not just to show everyone, but also to see the progression in myself.

I appreciate all the views, comments, ratings and any constructive criticism as I'm always trying to improve and give you the viewers what you want to see!.

Music is
Blaqk Audio - Where Would You Like Them Left.

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