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Right now, when you use social networks, email, and forums, you relinquish control of your content. Those websites often store this information forever. The Privly browser extensions change the way browsers work so you can use these websites, without surrendering your private content. Let me demonstrate:

My friend Jen sent me an email with help from a Privly browser extension. Since I am not running Privly on my browser, the email contains a specially formatted hyperlink. Now when I click that link, I can view the content on a server Jen trusts. Gmail doesn't see or store the message because gmail only has this special hyperlink. This protects Jen's content, but it wastes time and made me leave gmail.

Let's look at the same email again-- but this time I'll enable the Privly browser extension. (click) As you can see, the message is viewed directly in gmail--only gmail can't see the message's content. This same approach works for all websites.

Here is the message viewed via Twitter.

Here is Reddit.


Facebook chat.

None of these websites see the actual content. Only Jen and I view it.

This is a small demonstration of Privly's capabilities since Privly is a general "Privacy application stack". Don't worry if you don't know what that means, just remember that Privly is still under active development, so it is not ready for your private information.

However, we want you to experiment with Privly and help shape the system's development. If you want to hear more about how Privly works as a generalized privacy application stack. Watch the technical video.

Thanks for watching.

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