Happy New Years from the North Cascades.

just over 7,000 images stacked into an animated star trails display over the Washington's North Cascades.
What this method does is, layer each new star image on top of the prior image (frame). The result is the visible tracing of the star trails instead the usual movement of stars across the screen.
The interesting result is when the sky is full of trails and lights up the screen.

And before anyone observes how fast the stars are moving, you might want to sit back for this one. They are not. We are moving, over 1000 MPH at the Equator. However, closer to Seattle where most of these were shot, the speed is about 707 MPH. Considering that most sequences in this video were taken over 3 hours, the camera (sitting on the earth) travelled more than 2100 miles during each scene.

more information on how to calculate the speed at your latitude visit here: thevlecks.net/rmj/earth.html

thanks for taking the time to watch, have a happy new years and check back soon. Should have 2-3 new videos out this month.

Equipment used:
cannon 60D and 7D
Tokina 11-16 and Tamron 17-50


StarTrails (startrails.de)

Don Jensen

"All of the Sparks"
Alexey Maximov

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