Hello, my friends. After receiving an incredible number of responses on Twitter when I asked if people wanted to really *hear* (and see) how to effectively use Auto-Tune processes for vocals and record production, I simply woke up one morning and decided to put my chops to the test...

The song: Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck...". The premise: recreate the vocal sound (ie, nowadays 'Auto-Tuned'/corrected vocals), and recreate the 'feel' of the track with very simple instrumentation.

Essentially, I recorded a piano track to a click, sang three separate vocals (1 lead and two harmonies, early in the morning, letting any pitch variances flow naturally) and then added separate bass, guitar, drum and keyboard parts (which were later cut into loops)

The really cool thing here is that I used the Adobe Audition 3 NATIVE Pitch Correction Effect, which mimics the 'Antares AutoTune' sound...but it's included in the package, and doesn't require that you fork out another $400 for a plug-in.

Keep in mind, Kelly Clarkson is a phenomenal singer; and in the case of vocal processing used on her, it's meant simply for stylizing the voice, making it sound 'today'---not so much for correction (as it is in *some* singers' cases...uh, hello Britney)

But the really cool thing here is that I was able to do this all in one piece of software, in 30 minutes, without any 3rd party effects. Granted, I've got some nice microphones, a nice bass & guitar (though I used some of my Loopology loops as well, also played by yours truly) and I *do* sing...but remember that with pitch correction, you can 'over-do' the effect to essentially correct anyone/anything. I set the effect to process in the major key of A. The rest is what you hear. (and as mentioned, it's good in headphones)

I'm thinking of doing an entire how-to video (for here and/or AdobeTV) so if this is something you'd like to know more about (and some of the other 'extreme' effects of Auto-Tuning), please let me know, either via Twitter (@beatlejase) or through the blog: blogs.adobe.com/jlevmedia

Rock on.

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