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Day 1 Motivation time NLP Training courses | personal trainer London

Happy new year to everyone !!! I hope your not too hung over and ready to make the most of 2014. My commitment to all of you is to be here everyday providing you with some quick really easy to use tips to help you on track with your new year resolutions, to keep you clear and focused to get the things that you want.

The plan will be as follows
1- 5 are around health and energy
6-10 second 5 are around planning and preparation
11-15 are around the language you use every day which controls your behaviour
16-20 are skills to learn to grow
21-25 are internal motivators that induce emotion
26-31 some finance structure and general tips

Enjoy please take notes and its been my pleasure to serve you with some quality tips that will transform the way you go about your usual tasks.

Please remember the quality of your life is a direct reflection on what you put into it.
You get out of life what you put in.

think about that when your reviewing what you want from 2014.

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