A few thoughts on Getting Ready for 2014:

1. Understanding Grace take the focus off of you (and your flaws) and puts it on God (and His power).
a. God knows you are not perfect and He did not require you to be perfect in order to bless you.
b. Even when you are faithless, God is still faithful!

2. There is nothing God cannot do.
a. God made a sea open, a river split, a city wall come down & a virgin get pregnant. There is NOTHING God cannot do!
b. God is a BIG God and He has NO LIMITS!
c. Grace focuses on God’s LIMITLESS POWER!

3. God made plans for us before the world began.
a. We are not a mistake.
b. God knew we were going to mess up, but He destined us anyway.

4. We serve a GOOD GOD!
a. God is not out to get you.
b. God wants to bless us, not because we are so good, but because he is!

5. Our job is to BELIEVE He will do His job.
a. By faith you focus and access God’s GRACE.
b. Believe God Can!
c. Have faith that He will.
d. Remember He wants to bless you BY GRACE!
e. He already gave you all He was going to give you BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN... by GRACE!

*** In 2013 we learned about God’s Grace. In 2014 we will focus on HIM and experience His Supernatural Power! ***

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