Here is a compilation of time lapses from last year's awesome Vivid Festival, shot over 3 nights on a Canon 5D MKIII. Some of the panning shots are digital, but the majority were achieved with the Radian from Alpine Labs. It's a great little device with a fantastic smartphone app allowing you to set the angle of movement and duration. Settings are uploaded to the Radian via a 3.5mm audio cable, then you are free to disconnect your phone...and play Angry Birds while your camera is clicking away :) I love the ability to grab vertical panning shots too, using the supplied L bracket - you can see these at 0:47 and 1:54.

The rack focus shot at 0:26 was done manually - it took a couple of goes as I wanted to get the ferry going past at the right time.

The shot at 1:31 was inspired by a dude walking around Vivid doing hyper lapses. If you are watching this, thanks for the idea!


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