We just dropped a bombshell of a video on the cmiVFX site, aimed at all 3d generalists and 3d matte painters. This video contains BRAND NEW tricks that you wont find anywhere else in the world. This innovative timeline of information is based on newly discoverred workflows and software applications formerly unkown and unavailble to the world. After months of research and development, a highly entertaining voyage of the mind has been created to help walk the viewer through the steps of creating some amazing effects. The largest step by step project is geared towards rich moving matte paintings using highly detailed, 3d animated, trees and foliage created by one of the best software applications of the decade so far. Two other highly detailed projects are geared towards Lidar Based Visual Effects tricks and viable television commercial advertisement graphics using yet another brand new, super app for the industry. And if that wasnt enough, score a bonus project on how to make infinitely realistic skies for hyper-realistic film projects. If there was ever a video to watch, this would be it!

This training is set up to let the viewer apply techniques to almost any apps of their choice, however demonstration versions of all apps used in this video are available and completely compatible.

__Short Description__
Learn how to build several real life projects ranging from digital environments and commercial graphics.

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