Another version of this with a color vector grade is at

Sony FS700 unmodified PP7 S-Log 2 Base ISO 2000
Internal AVC codec 24-mbit 1080 50i

Originated in 'i' format as most of my work is for broadcast where 'interlace' 50-mbit MXF is the required delivery format. Using a Nanoflash for that. This was a quick down and dirty curiosity test to see just how far this onboard native 8-bit codec could be pushed in an 8-bit editing environment.

The original S-Log 2 clips are followed by basic graded clips of the originals.

This basic levels grade test only used Curves and Saturation and was based on studio levels 16~235
so best viewed in a player where output settings can be set to 16-235. Win Media Player Classic can do this under:

View / Renderer Settings / Output Range where 16~235 can be selected.

Not suggesting this is a suitable grade but it does give an idea just how far this codec can be pushed.

A very bright overcast day was chosen to see how much detail and dynamic range could be maintained.
The object of the exercise was to see if the subtle color shades and texture near peak white in the clouds
and the shadow detail in the darkest areas could be maintained. Here is trusting the MP4 encode show this.

An Alphatron VF was used with the zebras / false colour set to 59 IRE for white point exposure. In conjunction
the onboard histogram was used as an aid to ETTR [exposing to the right.]
This setup worked rather well and judging exposures accurately was relatively easy. Given that 8-bit is rather
limited with its 256 levels the grade and dynamic range stood up better than I expected. Can be downloaded.

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