Alex Leng has been training in the art of Wushu for 10 years. Wushu is both a full contact and exhibition sport that has been derived from traditional Chinese martial arts.

This was a test of the Sony FS700 recording 2K Raw at 240fps to the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q. There was only 10min record time available using two raided 256GB Convergent Design drives. It was shot at the Gao Wong Ye temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a few hours. I thought I'd make it fun and pay homage to some of the classic martial arts movies of the past.

I wanted to see how the Odyssey 7Q performed and the quality of the 2K Raw HFR material. I did find the footage quite noisy. Having the Sony FS700 set at S-Log2 (2000ISO) does induce a lot of noise and even more so when shooting high frame rates. It is possible to not use S-log2 but then you are getting a more baked in look being recorded.

The workflow is quite slow doing the 2K Raw HFR with the Odyssey 7Q, but this is the case with just about any form of raw shooting on any device. You first need to copy the drives to another location and then use Convergent Designs Clip Merger software to merge the raided files into a single file. The files then need to be brought into Davinci Resolve to be converted before editing.

My overall impressions though were that the Odyssey 7Q performed flawlessly and the Oled monitor was a joy to use. It is however a pity that you can't play back the high frame rate material on the 7Q as the files are striped across two drives.

Edited in FCPX 10.1 using the new speed blade tool which is very easy to use I must say. There was only very minor colour adjustment and no special effects or grading programs were used.

Shot on Zeiss CP2 and ZF2 glass.

Revolution shots done on the Letus Helix.

Tracking shots done on the Wally Dolly.

Tripod used was the Sachtler 20p

On location sound captured using Rode mice.

FS700 rig from Movcam.

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