This Christmas, I was given the priviledge of documenting a Christian convention. In a word, it was difficult.

My views on religion aside, in short, it was honestly difficult to shoot something I had absolutely no interest in. I realized something though, and although this will always be an on going struggle (or progress, improvement, however you want to label it), sometimes you just have to put yourself out there.

Day one was miserable to say the least and I regret my initial choice to attend the event. Day two was where I really started to open up, listen to what was being "preached, served, sacrificed" and I did my best to do my job. All said and done, when I got involved (because I wanted to), the project became less of a burden and more of a priviledge. It's hard to find genuine people nowadays, and that is what triggered my change of heart.

Bluntly, the "media" team was small, could use more organization, and was basically made up of a few photographers, and two videographers including myself. A good friend of mine, Denis, had sacrificed his Christmas plans to come help with the event, and I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do nearly as much if he was not there. In the end, the team managed (as always) albeit with little to no sleep.

Day three was the busiest and most important day, it's also the day when most people open up and allow you to capture their emotions and experiences. Too bad both my CF and SD card failed on me simultaneously after filming and shooting the entire day. The lack of footage (that I had planned on using; in my head at least), had been lost. I was left with plenty of footage for this short film, but nothing from Day 1 (entire my fault) was meaningful, and Day 2's footage (in my eyes) lacked impact. I was left with only a handful of photos to work with, hence the abrupt cut in video.

All in all, shooting both photo/video with 2 camera bodies (one of which was perma-mounted on a steadicam) proved... difficult. The good news, we now know how to better prepare ourselves for the next event, GKYM or not. The mix of settings used to record video from myself and the other videographer proved difficult as well. Post-production was a mess and I found myself stressing over the smallest of issues. To me at least, minor issues as such give me what writer's call "writer's block." I just cannot progress. That being said, the video was finally completed, and although not something I am satisfied with, I hope it serves as a good lesson for myself and memories for those who attended. This event definitely taught us more than I could have imagined.

I'd like to thank the entire staff, crew, and of course the media team for their sacrifice (especially sleep). Some of these guys make me wonder if I should be complaining at all, they are the true servants.

I'd like to thank the media team:
- Amos Choi
- Anna Kim
- Denis Um
- Hayeon Lee
- Jonathon Choi

I'm sure I am missing a ton of people, so I apologize in advance.

Thank you and Happy New Year. :)

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