So, I wanted to try timelapsing and chose to shoot the look out of my window - attempting to capture the ever-changing but still-staying-the-same view that accompanies me since I was little. That meant a photo everyday, whoo! I tried to take the photos at around the same time each day: 2pm in the first months and later - with more daylight available - at 6pm. (Overall it didnt quite give me the even look I was going for. But if you think about it, it's actually quite obvious that couldn't work so easily, because of the different amount of light we get a day. So... I learned that.)
I started January 1th, 2013 and finished on December 31th, so this video does now depict the full course of a year, all four seasons and the changes they bring.

The Church in the background is what I know as das Münster. It is currently a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. For more info, go here:

[/ Yo, I know the quality sucks, I will replace it soon enough]

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